Smart Hospitality

Smart Hospitality

For optimum hospitality, professionalism and efficiency.

Increased hospitality and work efficiency

Healthcare institutions are focused on providing high-quality care. However, the often immense scale of the building and the ever-changing use of the rooms and areas can be detrimental to both work efficiency and the general perception of hospitality. The solution is simple: Smart Hospitality. This enables you to improve the level of hospitality, professionalism and work efficiency in healthcare institutions and other organisations without increasing the pressure for your staff.

Dynamische bewegwijzering - Digitale Route navigatie in gebouwen - Digital signposting - Dynamic Way Signs - Indoor navigation in buildings - Smart Signs Solutions

Hospitable welcome

Patients feel welcome and ‘seen’ thanks to the personal approach your healthcare institution provides using Smart Hospitality. At every entrance, patients and visitors are welcomed via a Welcome Display and recognised on the basis of a tag in their personal patient card or invitation letter. The patient is then shown relevant information such as initial directions, the average time it will take to walk to the waiting room and whether the doctor’s appointments are running late. We call this Smart Guidance. The result: clarity and a feeling of hospitality.

Destination reached

Once they have reached the waiting room, patients are welcomed by a Waiting Room Display with information about the doctors on duty. Each patient receives a clear alert when the doctor calls him or her into the consulting room. This call is accompanied by guidance to the consulting room. Informative Consulting Room Signs subsequently confirm that the patient is at the right consulting room. This personal approach has a positive effect on how patients experience their hospital visit. In the meantime, Smart Hospitality also provides the doctor and assistant physician with relevant information. This means they always know who is in the waiting room.

Digitale spreekkamer deurborden en deurbordjes - voor ziekenhuis of consultancy- Consulting Room Signs - Digital Doorsigns - Hospital or Consultancy- Smart Signs Solutions

Personal Way Signs

Personal Way Signs ensure patients take the most favourable route to reach the right waiting room in good time. Clear Way Signs give specific directions, automatically altering a route if a lift is out of order, for example. If the doctor is running very late and a patient also has other appointments that day, the doctor’s receptionist will adjust the patient’s appointment schedule. The patient will be notified automatically via the various screens and their telephone.

Adaptable, modular system

Smart Hospitality is a modular system. You only select the components you actually require. The system can easily be adapted at a later date, should your requirements change due to growth, reorganization or other changes. Smart Hospitality integrates effortlessly with your existing systems. In addition to which, we will also adapt the design of all components to correspond perfectly with your own house style.

Maximum use of resources

Healthcare institutions looking to optimise their use of resources opt for flexible scheduling, thus using the consulting rooms as efficiently as possible. Varying groups of specialists then share a limited number of ‘anonymous’ consulting rooms. Our digital Consulting Room Signs enable you to create clarity for everyone concerned. Consulting Room Signs provide both staff and patients with up-to-date information on the specialist working in a consulting room at that particular time. This improves the ‘findability’ of your staff considerably.

Patient rooms with a personal touch

The use of digital Patient Room Signs provides both visitors and staff with useful information about the patients. Essential care data can be retrieved directly from the hospital information system and displayed on the digital Patient Room Signs. The patients then have the option of personalising their room sign with text, smilies and photos. This will help make the room feel more personal like their room.

Community Casting

Simply share location-specific information with community members and visitors.

Also for you

Smart Signs Solutions believes that people can experience hospitality and professionalism without this placing additional pressure on your staff. That is why we have developed an innovative, user-friendly concept: Smart Hospitality. This concept has been carefully tailored to meet the needs of organisations in large office buildings such as conference centres and healthcare institutions.

The functionalities

  • Discreet registration of patients’ presence
  • Dynamic information system at the entrances
  • Personal guidance for patients, via digital displays and smartphones
  • Waiting-room management by means of automatic presence registration, patient calling and dynamic distribution among waiting rooms
  • Higher level of hospitality thanks to personalised patient rooms
  • All Displays and Signs in corporate house style
  • Integration with existing management system
  • Adaptable, modular system
  • Personalised consulting rooms are easier to find

Smart Workplace and Smart Meetings

Smart Hospitality is a very hospitable and user-friendly concept. Smart Hospitality can easily be extended with components of Smart Workplace and/or Smart Meeting: to monitor the use of consultation rooms with discreet Room Sensors, for example. Or to personalise flexible workplaces and meeting rooms. If you would like to discuss the options, without any obligation, then do please contact us.

An enhanced hospitable, professional image

User-friendly, efficient procedures

More positive hospital experience

Optimal information

Maximum use of resources

Patients find their way

We’d love to tell you more!

There is so much more we could tell you about the many uses for Smart Signs Solutions. So if you would like to know more about professionalising your organisation, and are curious about how easy it is to use our concepts, do please contact us. We would be happy to arrange an appointment without any obligation.

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