Smart Workplace

Smart Workplace

The New Way of Working, with improved efficiency, lower costs and a pleasant working environment.

Flexible workplaces

The way in which we work is becoming increasingly flexible. This is hardly surprising, considering how studies reveal that by reducing the number of workplaces from 1 to 0.7 per person, companies can save tens of thousands of euros. In many countries, managers increasingly seize this opportunity to cut costs, however, such a switch to more flexibility is a complex process. Smart Workplace offers support before, during and after this transition, providing clear data and information. Simple, user friendly and effective.

het nieuwe werken-flexwerken-kantoor inrichting-Activity Based Working - Flexible workplace - office utilisation

Efficient office design

An efficient office design is essential to a successful organization, and this also applies if your staff have assigned workplaces. Points to consider include: Do the various kinds of workplace (such as concentration areas, meeting rooms) meet staff demand? Is the space in your office building used efficiently? Based on accurate monitoring, and thorough analyses, Smart Workplace will provide the answers to all these questions.

Unique information system in your building

The better employees and visitors are informed, the higher the satisfaction level. Your staff receives the most important information upon arrival, in the form of a Workplace Finder. This digital floor plan provides an up-to-date occupancy overview of all the workplaces. Your staff will be able to see at a glance where a workplace is available for consultation or to work quietly. This information can also be accessed from a smartphone or tablet and workplaces can be reserved online. Visitors arriving for meetings or workshops immediately find all the relevant information about the current events form a digital Welcome Display.

Digitale bezettingsgraadmeting op plattegrond met gebruik van draadloze sensoren- Digital Capacaty Utilisation on map with use of wireless sensors- Smart Signs Solutions


Our small radio sensors enable you to monitor the occupancy of the different kinds of workplaces simply, anonymously and discreetly. The sensor information updates the Office Signs and the Workplace Finders in real time. This makes it easy for staff to find a suitable workplace. The collected sensor information also enables dynamic facility management, as well as statistical analysis and reporting.

Adaptable, modular system

Smart Workplace is a modular system. You only select the components you actually require. The system can easily be adapted at a later date, should your requirements change due to growth, reorganization or other changes. Smart Workplace also integrates effortlessly with your existing systems. Our designers will ensure all components correspond perfectly with your corporate house style.

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efficiente kantoor inrichting-digitale vergaderzaal deurbordjes-efficient office utilisation-dynamic meeting room signs

Who, what and where

The Office Signs module with its digital room signs provides details of who is using a particular workplace or room at any given moment. This information can be retrieved directly from your existing IT systems via an adapter. Office Signs also offers staff the possibility of displaying additional information for visitors, and of creating a personal look for their workplace using text or photos.

Management & Analysis

Smart Workplace aids the smooth management of workspaces with frequently changing occupancy. Your facility manager will also have an innovative resource management tool at their disposal. While incidental tallying generates inaccurate information, Smart Workplace registration is continuous and accurate. All registered data is made accessible in comprehensible analyses and reports. These will enable you to make well-founded decisions regarding the efficient use of your office building in the short, medium and long-term.

Also for you

Smart Workplace will enable you to improve the user friendliness and efficiency of your building and easily reduce operating costs. Smart Workplace is an investment that can pay itself back very quickly through savings generated by shrinking used office space to what is required and optimising maintenance and operating costs. This concept is ideally suited for (further) improving the flexibility of offices. Using Smart Workplace will also make it very easy for you to meet your employees’ need for their flex workplace to reflect their own identity.

The functionalities

  • Continuous monitoring of the use of space
  • Continuous monitoring of workplace occupancy
  • Up-to-date overview of occupancy rates using real-time floor plans Interactive statistical analysis
  • Adaptable, modular system
  • Integration with planning tool
  • Integration with existing planning tools
  • All components in own corporate house style
  • Also available for temporary use

Smart Meetings and Smart Hospitality

Smart Workplace is a very user-friendly concept. Would you like to further optimise your organisation’s levels of hospitality and professionalism? Smart Workplace can easily be extended with one of our other concepts: Smart Meetings and Smart Hospitality. Ask us about the possible options.

Professional, user-friendly flexible working

Continuous, discreet occupancy rate monitoring

More efficient office design

Higher level of hospitality

Lower CO2 footprint

Time saving for staff

Short-term savings thanks to dynamic facility management

Fact-based decisions will lead to long-term savings

We’d love to tell you more!

There is so much more we could tell you about the many uses for Smart Signs Solutions. So if you would like to know more about professionalising your organisation, and are curious about how easy it is to use our concepts, do please contact us. We would be happy to arrange an appointment without any obligation.

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