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Smart Signs Solutions offers personalised, dynamic information systems within buildings. Intended as both a management tool for building managers and a service to users. Smart Signs Solutions creates insight and overview, opening the door to the further professionalisation of your organisation. With Smart Signs you achieve a more efficient use of working space and a friendlier environment for users.

Our concepts—Smart Workplace, Smart Meetings and Smart Hospitality—provide businesses and their staff with relevant, up-to-date information whenever and wherever they need it. Each concept provides a complete and innovative information system, consisting of various ‘smart’ components that cooperate perfectly.

Smart Workplace and Smart Meetings

Smart Workplace

Optimize the utilization of your workplaces and offer efficient support for the New World of Work. Our small radio sensors enable you to monitor the occupancy of the different kinds of workplaces simply, anonymously and discreetly. This makes it easy for staff to find a suitable workplace. All registered data is made accessible in comprehensible analyses and reports. These will enable you to make well-founded decisions regarding the efficient use of your office building in the short, medium and long-term. Thanks to state of the art technology, Smart Workplace enables you to use your workplace optimally.

Smart Meetings

Reserved but unused meeting rooms are a common source of irritation to managers. These no-shows lower the meeting capacity by an average of 30%. No-shows also lead to expensive, external meeting facilities being reserved unnecessarily. The user-friendly Smart Meetings eliminates this problem, enabling your staff to make maximum use of the meeting capacity in your building.

Smart Hospitality

Healthcare institutions are focused on providing high-quality care. However, the often immense scale of the building and the ever-changing use of the rooms and areas can be detrimental to both work efficiency and the general perception of hospitality. The solution is simple: Smart Hospitality. This enables you to improve the level of hospitality, professionalism and work efficiency in healthcare institutions and other organisations without increasing the pressure for your staff.

Optimal hospitality

Higher efficiency

Pleasant working environment

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There is so much more we could tell you about the many uses for Smart Signs Solutions. So if you would like to know more about professionalising your organisation, and are curious about how easy it is to use our concepts, do please contact us. We would be happy to arrange an appointment without any obligation.

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