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Community Casting

From Narrow Casting to Community Casting

Our Community Casting concept transforms Narrow Casting into a powerful, efficient and easy to use communication tool in your organisation. You can easily share targeted information with your visitors and employees. Since visitors enter your premises, Community Casting signs will welcome visitors with an overview of the planned events of the day and the corresponding locations. The system is ideal to present material from different companies in a shared facility centre.

Narrow Casting - Community Casting - Events board - Visitor Information

A powerful building block

The Community Casting product of Smart Signs is the basis of multiple services for offices and health organisations, such as events boards, workplace finders, presence boards. It is also an important building block for client specific services. You can easily configure different background images, styles and colours for every theme in the play-list. The various themes rotate so that the different content will be shown in succession.

As stand-alone or integrated in your Narrow Casting system

Smart Signs offers you the choice between several large digital displays to run the Community Casting signs. Displays with a size ranging from 15″ to 55″ can be supplied as an integrated tablet. We can supply also a separate player, that can be combined to any display. Should your organisation already have a Narrow Casting system, then we can easily connect to your existing system.

Narrow Casting - Community Casting - Welcome board - Catering

Welcoming and informative

Community Casting is a flexible system that can be easily used at different levels within your organisation. The system allows different areas in the organisation to manage the information that they want to present. The catering, for example, can show the menu of the day and schedule ahead the menus and specials for the coming period, while facility management can inform about irregular opening times, new procedures, etc. In a nutshell, an effortless way to keep visitors and employees always up to date!

Who’s on duty?

With this Presence Board, you can see at a glance who is on duty today. The board shows the persons who are planned to be on duty in the consulting rooms. The board shows a profile picture with the name and the function of the persons present. This is also ideal to indicate who of the emergency response workers are present in the building and where they can be found. When coupled to indoor localization technology, the system can show as well the real-time location of employees.

Narrow Casting - Community Casting - Consultancy Room Door Signs - Attendance Register on Display - Digitale Spreekkamer Deurborden en deurbordjes - Aanwezigheidsbord - Smart Signs Solutions

We’d love to tell you more!

There is so much more we could tell you about the many uses for Smart Signs Solutions. So if you would like to know more about professionalising your organisation, and are curious about how easy it is to use our concepts, do please contact us. We would be happy to arrange an appointment without any obligation.

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