Community Casting at The Gallery

Community Casting at The Gallery

10 June 2015 Smart Workplace


The Gallery is an leading multitenant building  in Enschede, The Netherlands, where a growing number of high-tech companies operate. A significant number of these are spin-offs from the University of Twente.

The Gallery uses Community Casting to share information from a variety of sources with the employees and visitors.

Community casting coordinates, controls and distributes these dynamic information streams (channels) to the displays installed in the building. For each display location or group of displays, a information profiles controls which information streams will be presented and how.

The information streams can be filled and controlled independently and are guarded by role-based access control. The personnel of the restaurant, for instance, can access to maintain just the Daily Specials, but cannot access Building Information or Upcoming Events.

In The Gallery’s two restaurants, the general and daily menu is shown with a strong emphasis to each restaurant. While in other locations, the menu is only shown around lunch time.


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